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Steve Develops .NET
Software Development Engineer Steve Hayes

SteveDevelops.NET is the personal site of me, Steve Hayes.

I am a passionate software developer who sees to it that my work is done to the highest degree of quality possible. I am pragmatic, realistic and adopt a logical, business-like approach to most everything I do. I am a natural leader and am quick to engage others with a positive attitude and a willingness to work hard. I have over 11 years of professional software development experience.

As you browse my site you may find various references to games, movie quotes, and other geeky related nuggets. It doesn't take long to learn that I embrace the geek culture. I am a big fan of Zelda, Star Wars, Mario, and many other "geeky" topics, which can be confirmed by my various trinkets strategically placed on my desk.

Thank you and happy coding!